Seattle | the pro-missed land

Dreams happen. Love is real. And it seems fact that we will never be able to drive under the rainbow.This must mean that there is always something beautiful ahead.*It is some time past grunge and we got this notion that when we were 18 we would load in a van with our gear and head North from Los Angeles to Seattle.  We met at a Monrovia street fair.  So technically we werent growing up in LA. I lived in Pasadena and his church was about a mile from my house. Every Sunday I would reach behind the vending machine that was in between his mothers Lords home and my grandparents home to read the long stoner scribbled note he had left and I would leave mine.Among the things we had in common, the most important was getting the hell out of where we were. Together we knew the only place that would accept us was a place that accepted Kurt and the like. I reached behind the vending machine one sunny Sunday and left a map. Circled toward the bottom was LA with a marker drawn up the coast of California, passing Portland and heading straight into the rock'n'roll promise land -SEATTLE.The letter with this said that we should meet on my high school graduation day, June 15, 2004. We would meet at the liquor store where the vending machine was. We would load up and head North. It mentioned how, despite him being a year younger, it didnt matter. We would be going home.Well, I made it to Seattle 10 years later for the first time. It was beautiful but it definitely didnt feel like rock'n'roll. The view from a friends house overlooking the Pugent Sound was gorgeous, our cheese plate delightful and the night on the town at the Pink Door and the Hideout amazing. However, the best part was chasing a double rainbow out of town not even wondering what life would have been like if I had made it sooner.