Bellingham to Fargo | chasing small town adventures


[gallery columns="2" ids="254,249"]Crossing America is my favorite hobby.Staying with friends, meeting new friends, running into road closers and checking out famous small towns made popular by pop culture. This has been the last few weeks. Along with all the driving, dreaming and listening to music I have been trying to capture what I see through vintage lenses.Here are some things to widen the lens:[Bellingham to Fargo]

When you have time, take the time. 

A slow stroll feeds the fire in your heart and reminds us why we love to travel. If there isn't anything pressing for the trip to end... don't let it.Sometimes I just get off the main road and drive down the Main ST[every small town has one]sometimes I stop, sometimes I don't.simple and satisfying.


Always check for road closers.

Apparently this is common, if you live in the mountains or national parks. It is not so common when you live in a city. The worst we get is a detour around a few blocks, not a highway closer that causes a 3 hour back track.R1-04264-0020If you don't see the sign, look on DOT[department of transportation]for any news. Good luck trying to navigate though.This should be done like, October to...September.


Keep expectations low.

If airBNB doesn't work out[because you have no schedule, no idea when or where you will arrive and you have an adorable Papillon that needs to be vetted by every place you stay],search the old downtown areas of your small town for something super cute and affordable.R1-04264-0021If your expectations are low, you won't be disappointed.


Go for a walk.

and get lost.R1-04264-0001Just make sure you identify the largest building in town and park there so you know how to get back to where you started.

Don't Stop.

When it starts to get tiring, just keep going. All these small towns will still be there.Just take pictures from the car.  

All pictures were taken with a Canon Ae-1 or a La Sardina Lomography camera.