Knit Tiara


tiaraThings are fabulous despite uncertainty. While there are expected ways to live and I feed into this as what is expected of me, I also feel that just being conscience of this is the first step to shake free of this prison.As a practice in freeing myself from expectations I have been knitting pieces. These pieces start off as a dream, a daydream.  They start to define themselves as what one would think they are supposed to be: a scarf, a patch for a quilt... art?I let it flow.When the knitting is done I add some structure with wire. The result is never what I expect. It is almost better.  In the past I have ended up with silk-spun structured knit necklaces hanging from brass wire chains. Today I got a tiara and it feels exactly like what I need.A little free and a little scared, but completely conscience of the situation.