Central Wisconsin | Clearing the Path


Location ScoutI have been in Wisconsin for a couple weeks now and it is getting harder to get ready to leave. I am inspired by the land, the animals and the people. Having never really had the feeling of being in tune with nature, it is a drastic shift of consciousness.Clearing the PathThere are 88 acres of land looking to be explored. Different patches of woodlands sit next to one another. Some are in a random scatter taking over parts of the property while others are uniformed like statues strategically placed to watch the land. They offer themselves up as locations for a film shoot.Thinking of MotherThe pace of this land is calming and allows its patients to breath, to take time and just breath.  A few hours are set aside each day for work and a few hours are set to the side to think, or not to think. When pressed for the reason why one would want to be in the middle of nowhere, it is easy to find an answer. There are just so many to choose from.View from the Bay WindowAll photos shot with a Canon Ae-1 or a La Sardina Lomography 35mm camera.