USA Rail Tour 2014 | day 1


day 1Milwaukee - ChicagoChicago - DC"surrounded by a cloud of dissociative fog" 20140723-220821-79701600.jpgThis trip is beginning.My heart is beating.Thoughts are lost on the rails.20140723-220824-79704291.jpgSo far the most interesting thing was when Ron, my seat mate, tried to steal my bag as he got kicked off the train last night.Did they put him up to sober him up so they could put him on another train? He was on his way to Tampa to see his kids. Amtrak should be accountable for over serving their patrons in the cafe car as much as Ron should work on his indulgence.I'm not mad about the bag.It's a hard world.I'm not the worst off.20140723-220822-79702982.jpgMay the peace be steady.It would be a treat if a fear did not creep, that a calm carries through my travels and that reality becomes sharper as the fog dissipates.