USA Rail Tour 2014 | day 6


BrooklynAfter my host was arrested and sent to central booking for an unlit spliff roach I left the Anarchists house.Fuck cops, but fuck anarchists too.New York and I arent the best of friends. Ive never felt at home there. The only reason I visit is for the person I will spending time with there. So when she gets arrested for a non-violent crime such as smoking herb on her stoop, Im lost in a city I dont particularly know how to navigate.I made it to Williamsburg and took a nap as the sun set over Manhattan.The evening wrapped up calmly and rainy. Dinner at Kristophe was amazing, getting Fabio's number (the waiter) was flattering and the conversation over ciders with a Williamsburg native was relaxing.Getting to Penn Station to catch the earliest train to Baltimore was a relief.