USA Rail Tour 2014 | day 8


Frederick, MDDespite being arrested last night for telling the cops they shouldnt have the right to smash a persons -in this case a drunk womans- face into the concrete while twisting her arm around her back, Frederick is amazing.My hosts are inspiring - talented - loving - generous people. I am lucky to have them in my life. Goodloe is a writer, musician, painter, sculpture and more. Emily is a painter, photographer and artist with an incredibly kind smile. I will be back not just for my court appearance, but also to continue circulating inspiration between us.This is their wonderful apartment, filled floor to ceiling with art and love. I was so taken back when I arrived that I started crying. In the evening we went to cafe NOLA for the open mic Goodloe hosts, luckily I was let off with just a citation and did not have to go to the station, we night capped back home with Pugloe, one more beer and great conversation.