USA Rail Tour 2014 | day 12


Travel Tip: don't stay too long.When I arrived to Louisville I had the choice of leaving on Saturday morning. I changed it to get to Chicago on Sunday night to meet up with Zig and Max. Unfortunately this kept me in Louisville one day too long.By the end of day 12/2nd full day with Tim, it was clear my welcome was fading. Fortunately for me I am a grown ass woman and I have learned to walk away from someone else's bad day. However, when you walk away make sure you aren't in the part of town where you get a knife pulled on you by a teenager, where you are solicited drugs by the friendly man with groceries or where there is no one else around to notice the man that drives by three times making propositions out his car window. If you are in this neighborhood, call and make sure the cabs will even come to this pat of town before you leave the house. If you don't call before you leave the house and you happen to be carrying all your belongings put your money and ID in your underwear, keep your finger ready to dial before mentioned asshole friend, and when any person comes by to intimidate you don't panic.Smile. Nod. Say hello, no thank you, and keep your body language confident but without confrontation. (yet another travel tip).I called two cabs, one finally called back to find out if I was really in that neighborhood. They picked me up some time later and took me to my AirBnB pad to crash.The rest of the night was a delight and more than I could have asked for. Leave it to strangers to treat someone with such hospitality. I feel like I traded in one worn out friendship for four momentary ones for the evening. So worth it.