a dense year

It has been a very dense year. It feels long, but as I type this we are wrapping up November and heading into December. Time has not moved too fast but it has not moved slowly either. It has kept beat to say the least. reflection in italyIn 2013 I traveled from Portland 14 different times. I spent 45 of the last 60 days of 2013 out of town. It occurred to me that when you travel this much you may be in search of something you aren't finding where you are. After making some bold choices I began a quest. Throughout 2014 I set out for a place called home.Between April and August I traveled over 10,00 miles across the beautiful landscape of America by train, plane and automobile. I spent extended time in 9 different states. I was grateful to spend time with friends I had not seen in upwards of 5 years. Most importantly I finally spent time with family I had not seen for 10 years in my birth state, Oklahoma. All of this travel connected me to the land, my family, friends I would consider family and a heritage I had long misplaced.Aside from the United States I was invited to spend 2 months in Europe for the first time. I set off with a back pack and a 13 year old dream of international travel with my best friend of 14 years. We made our way to 6 countries. It was a not too unfamiliar scenario traveling with my best friend as it was meeting my family this summer. While my best friend and I have never given up on our friendship, sometimes you outgrow the personality you identified with one another years ago. Our trip was 60 days joined at the hip in foreign lands learning how we travel together, what our dreams are, as well as who we had become as women. We are still friends, if not better than we had been when we met at 15.I am finally home now. Snow is accumulating. I am exhausted. My heart is processing the year that will go down as one of the most dense years of travel I have yet to experience.I will be spending however long it takes to share and understand what all of this travel has brought me. I believe that reflection feeds growth.